The Sales Process

SLCA will guide you through a straightforward
step-by-step sales process, keeping things as smooth
and reassuring as possible at every stage.

An Accurate Market Appraisal

We’re proud of our proven ability to provide accurate market appraisals. We will never knowingly mislead or over-inflate property prices just to gain your business.

It’s very important to ensure your property is marketed at the right price. Over- valued, and it might not attract enough attention. Under-valued, and you might not get the sale price you have in mind or that your property deserves. Our market appraisals are well researched and based on comparable properties currently on the market or recently sold. For an SLCA market appraisal, just get in touch with our friendly sales team to talk it through.

Property Presentation

Ensuring your property is well presented is crucial to attracting maximum interest and achieving the best sale price.

It pays to be proactive, for example, ensuring any preparation work or simple touch-ups are finished before viewings begin, and keeping the property tidy and uncluttered to highlight the available living space.

Property Particulars

When your property is ready, we arrange a convenient time for taking photographs.

We will also draw up the floor plans and get to work producing a brochure that showcases your property’s best features to attract potential buyers.


With SLCA, all viewings are arranged for times that suit you.

We will always accompany prospective buyers, applying our experience, expertise and knowledge to help you sell your property.


When we receive an offer, we collate as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.

We will report this information to you in writing and by telephone.

Acceptance and Memorandum of Sale

When you accept an offer, SLCA will prepare a Memorandum of Sale and write to all parties confirming the agreed sale price.

Your solicitor will send a contract to the buyer’s solicitor, who will then conduct preliminary enquiries. At this stage you can start to allocate potential dates for the survey on your property, exchanging contracts and completion.

Exchange of Contracts

This happens when all preliminary enquiries have been conducted, evidence of title has been provided, local search queries are complete and you’ve provided confirmation of fixtures and fittings included in the sale.

Once both parties have signed the contract, the buyer’s solicitor pays the deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) to your solicitor. Then it’s time to discuss and agree on a completion date!


Completion is usually one week after exchange, although this is negotiable and must be agreed by you and the buyer.

On completion day, they keys are handed to the property’s new owners once the ‘balance of monies’ has been transferred by their appointed solicitor to yours. Your solicitor will instruct us to release the keys as soon as this transfer is confirmed and funds are fully cleared.

Moving Out

Of course, you’ll need to have moved out by the completion date, if you haven’t already.

Keys will be released to your buyers when transfer of funds is confirmed by your solicitor.

Request a Callback

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We look forward to discussing your needs and working to achieve the best results on your behalf.